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Diversity & Inclusion in STEM

As a black, female engineer, Kristen knows firsthand the challenges associated with being a minority in the STEM fields. She is also experienced at helping individuals overcome adversity in order to reach their goals and organizations create inclusive work practices.

Productivity & Time Management

One of the easiest ways to increase your ROI is to obtain the tools to focus, organize, and increase your productivity. As a CEO, wife and mother of two, Kristen has developed creative methods for getting more done in less time and has helped others do the same.

Social Entrepreneurship

Tech has the power to change lives, but how do you go from concept to creation to a fully-functioning business? As a founder of a software development company, Kristen can speak from experience on the fundamentals of developing a profitable business model that solves a critical problem.

Building a Technical Team

After "How do I get funded", the most common question many entrepreneurs ask is "How do I build my team". Kristen has gone from a one woman show to a team of engineers, designers and project managers and is well equipped to show others how to hire, vet, inspire and lead a team. With Kristen's guidance, entrepreneurs learn how to create and nurture their dream teams. 

Inspiring. Motivating.

Kristen is the CTO and Founder of IncluDe Web Design and Development Agency. Kristen empowers employees, students and entrepreneurs all over North America to dream unabashedly and innovate boundlessly. Her story is proof that success is not the absence of adversity and failure but rather the result of persisting in spite of adversity and failure. 

Prior to starting IncluDe, Kristen graduated from Tufts University with a B.S. in Human Factors Engineering and an M.S. in Engineering Management. She's worked at several companies including Harley-Davidson, DOT, and the MITRE Corporation. Those experiences confirmed her love for technology, innovation and most importantly, the empowerment of others.  

Kristen's contagious energy, down-to-earth humor and experiences as a black woman in STEM allow her to bring a uniquely inspirational message to her audiences.



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